Sunday Worship

We are hoping to expand on our Sunday worship team. If you are interested and can sing or play an instrument,  please let us know! We would love to allow the opportunity for those who have a passion for serving the Lord musically to join us in this ministry.

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Baptism Sunday

We are pleased to announce that Family Life Church is holding our first ever baptism Sunday. Pastor Gilbert has the honour and privilege to baptize 5 individuals. Please come and join us to support these new believers and share in this momentous day!

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Prayer Requests!

Pastor Gilbert is excited about the “Prayer Requests” page we have recently added. If you go to the page, you will now be able to click on the email and it will open up a blank message. All you need to do is send your email to us with your request and we will add your request to the prayer list.

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Friday Night Soup Ministry

In October 2011, we began a ministry to reach the neighbourhood in a new way. Each Friday night, a small group of us meet at FLC and prepare a 40 quart pot of soup, divide it into 10 oz bowls and proceed to distribute it to those in the Main Street bars. On our first night, we handed out 16 bowls of soup and it has since grown to be a fairly consistent 135 bowls a week. Each week is different and we never know what to expect.  Our goal is not only to feed these people physically but to feed them spiritually as well. Which is why we are so thankful to have the opportunity to pray for individuals right inside the bars! Praise God for this opportunity to reach people in such a unique way!

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Church Plant Bio

My name is Gilbert Plante, through a series of events, God has called me to the North End of Winnipeg to start a new church. I believe it’s God’s time to start Family Life Church in a neighborhood that has the highest crime rate in the city. The North End also has the largest Native (Indian) population in Western Canada. This particular part of the city also has the highest child poverty level in the country. The neighborhood is rampant with drugs, prostitution and gang activity. God has being preparing me for this church plant for many years. Being a recovered drug addict I’m a perfect fit to the community. My vision for the church is people getting saved, marriages being restored, and to give hope to people who believe there is no hope. This can be achieved by building solid trusting relationships, and loving those who are hard to love. My belief is all addictions are nothing more than filling an empty void in one’s life. The challenge is filling that void with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! After knocking on many doors, I find that most people are open to the fact that they need more to life than what they have now. Many communities in the city of Winnipeg try to push out the drug dealers, gangs and prostitution to other neighborhoods. The people of the North End don’t need to be pushed away, they need Jesus Christ!!! I believe that God is about to do a major restoration in Winnipeg and it starts with the most violent part of the city. We need prayer for wisdom, patience, perseverance, protection and most of all, the mighty hand of God to be with us.

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Services Have Started!

Services have started as of July 24, 2011. Services start each Sunday at 4:00pm but come a little early for coffee and fellowship.

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Welcome to Family Life Church!

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